Saturday, August 9, 2014

SAP is Complicated

Sometimes I get issues from my customers that they want resolved immediately.  But you know what, SAP servers and the issues are complicated.

We currently have 2 people working on these servers and on the issues that pop up and we do our best to issues fixed as fast as possible.  But to help us, here is what I need from you guys.

When an issue pops up, please send us:

1) Which Server and ID you are using
2) Do a Step by Step from Login with screen shots, until the issue comes. (Imagine we do not know SAP, and this way we can understand what the issue is.  This is the same way you would report an issue at a work location and I want everybody to used to that method. - The reason I ask this is that the basis team are not functional experts and what seems obvious to you as a functional consultant is not obvious to us.  If you can do this we can solve the issues very quickly.
3) Be patient, we are working as hard as we can to solve your issue. - We are a pretty big company now and we have customers from all over the world and currently maintain over 60 servers.  But we only work from 9am-9pm EST USA time.

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