Saturday, August 9, 2014

Network Issues - HANA Server

We have been having network issues over the last 1 week and some were due to the T1 provider, but there was one other issue that we just solved today.  I am sorry to my customers who have been effected over the last 1 week by this slowdown, but it has been solved and you will not see anymore slowdowns.

We have been trying to install HANA test server and we would install SUSE Linux recommend by SAP.

Then we would install HANA.

After 1-3 days the entire network of our T1 lines would be compromised and bandwidth would fall to almost zero and now of the other servers would be accessible.

For a solution I tried a different server, thinking the first server had been corrupted.  Same result.

I had bought both servers from the same vendor and I though that maybe the RAM memory had a built in memory, so I ordered 128GB RAM and installed it and installed the software and same result.

I then bought a new server from a different vendor thinking that maybe the processor had a built in virus.  Installed the Linus software.  We were busy with other work and did not get time to install HANA.  Today, the exact same issue even without installing HANA.

So I guess the final verdict is that the Linux Operating System Software itself is corrupt.

Today I had a network issue and I disconnected server by server thinking we had a virus on it and low and behold the second we unhooked the HANA server everything worked fine again.

It is nice when we figure out the issue, but meanwhile I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on equipment and hardware that I do not need.

We now have 5 servers with the below configuration:

4 6-Core Processors
128 GB RAM
5 x 2 TB Hard Drives

In case you need a hard core server let us know and we can get it ready for your needs.

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