Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Googling SAP Access or SAP Server Access

I was Googling SAP Server Access and SAP Access and I was just curious where we stood as far as ranking in Google.

Under SAP Access we are #1 rank


Under SAP Server Access we are #2 rank

I have not really looked at Google to see where we rank in such a long time, nor have I tried to get a high rank.

I see so many new competitors from India, and few that have no contact info at all.

I have always said that we do not make much money from our Server Access business and even in the current marketplace it is true.

Most of the competitors are following the model of Ides Access and saying that they charge for Basis Support and that the server access is free.

One competitor even says that providing a licensed server like our is illegal, and that our servers can only be used for production environment and that his INITIAL license is the only only that is legal.

I was laughing at most of the website as I reading them.  Most of them are ridiculous and I could not even imagine how poor their servers and service is.

It is no joke to do what we do, it costs tens of thousands of dollars a month in expenses and license fees.  The margins are razor thin and we eke out a profit each month.

I am fine with that, since I have a large consulting company and other business interests that make plenty of money.

I really only keep this business running, because I know that we are so much better than the competition and eventually quality wins over cost.

A have a lot of Fortune 500 customers and lots of SAP partners that all have their own license, but still want to use our servers as their training servers.  The simply do not want the headache of installing and maintaining servers and they leave that up to us.

They know that we are reliable.
They know they call us, we WILL pick up the phone
They know that we are located in USA
They know that we have been in business a long time and we will here when all these new fly by night operators are long gone.
They know we have a real office and can come and visit us (Yes I have had customers come and visit our data-center and our office before they committed to us for long term contracts)
We currently run 52 dedicated servers
We are constantly expanding, and upgrading.  We now have servers up to 128GB RAM and 4 Quad core chips.  Most of our servers are much more powerful than you fill find at Fortune 500 companies.

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